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What is MI?
Motivational Interviewing (MI) is "a particular way of talking with people about change and growth to strengthen their own motivation and commitment."  (Miller & Rollnick, 2023). Providers who are trained in MI learn how to effectively communicate with others to both evoke wisdom and share  their own expertise effectively.  MI has been used in a number of settings with various populations and has been found to be effective in facilitating behavior change.
Free Motivational Interviewing Resources
List of MI Clinical Trials 
A comprehensive list of published Motivational Interviewing clinical trials (over 2000!)
Personal Values Card Sort 
A tool for MI conversations to identify values, engage, and build motivation.
MI Cheat Sheet
A one page overview of Motivational Interviewing skills.
Native American Motivational Interviewing: Weaving Native American and Western Practices
A manual for counselors in Native American communities.
MI Videos at The Change Companies

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