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What does a membership offer?

By joining a MITC membership program you will receive access to learning resources with monthly opportunities for practice by participating in community learning groups and attending advanced classes. You will join a community of professionals who share an interest in or passion for MI and who join together to learn and practice their skills. 

Who would benefit from joining?

Our MI memberships are designed for learners who have had an introduction to motivational interviewing through training, readings, or practice and are interested in and needing support in advancing and deepening their skillfulness in MI. 


Just like any other advanced skill what is needed after learning about MI is consistent and frequent opportunities for practice and feedback. Although participants in an introductory workshop often report feeling confident in their new MI skills, changes in practice behavior are usually modest at best (Miller & Mount, 2001) and quickly diminish after training if nothing more is done to consolidate them (Miller, et al., 2004; Schwalbe, et al., 2014). An MI learner membership will provide frequent opportunities for continued practice through community learning groups, a library of recorded MI conversations, handouts and self-guided exercises, and monthly advance classes. 


This makes the difference between learning about MI and actually being able to deliver it.


  • MI Basic Membership

    Access to monthly MI learning and practice opportunities and resources.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Monthly advanced MI training sessions (18 CE hours annually)
    • Attendance to members only community learning groups
    • Access to members only resource page
    • Access to MI training recordings and coded MI sessions
    • 10% discount on all other MI workshops by MITC

Advanced MI Training Series

Receive free attendance to monthly training sessions for advanced skill development and special topics.

Image by Katie Rainbow 🏳️‍🌈
  • 1 to 2 hour sessions will be scheduled monthly with at least 18 hours of total training available per year.

  • Continuing education accredited by the American Psychological Association will be provided for live attendance. 

  • All class recordings will be stored as resources for viewing by members at any time. 

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A regularly updated resources page to support continued learning and skill development.


Resources available will include

  • On-demand training recordings

  • Practice activities and exercises

  • Training slides, handouts, and other resources

  • Recorded MI conversations with MITI coded transcripts

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Community Learning Groups

Attend members only community learning groups to practice MI skills with others learners. 

MI Nerd.png

Community learning groups offer a space to practice and observe the art of motivational interviewing with peers. Each session will provide an opportunity for 2 to 3 practice MI conversations 

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One-on-one coding and coaching

Three (3) coded standardized patient sessions with coaching is included with the enhanced membership.

Image by Christina Winter

Receive three opportunities to enhance your MI skills through one-on-one coding and coaching services over the year of your membership.

You will:

Record a 20-minute MI conversation with a standardized patient.

Meet with an MI Coach for a 30-minute coaching session.

Receive your MITI coding results.

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