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Training Reviews

MITI Training with Denise Ernst, PhD (January 2020):

Thanks to you and everyone who worked with you to put this training together.  I was well cared for and comfortable at every moment of the two days.  Denise was a joy to train with and I came away with a deeper understanding of the utility and limitations of the MITI as well as the importance of collaboration in the process of coding.

Motivational Interviewing Training with Alicia Shiver and Lindsay Worth (May 2021)

I loved how y'all made us practice MI by real life things. We weren't forced to "act or pretend." it felt authentic, and this seems to be how I learn best.

Amazing training! I loved it!

I enjoyed this very much! So thankful for the free training, especially in the midst of Covid and less opportunity for CEU's. In addition, the material was timely, given the difficulty of the times we are living in.

MINT TNT 2020 with William R. Miller and Theresa Moyers

I really appreciate all of the hard work you all put into this training and to try this out online for the first time must have taken a lot of creativity! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it really exceeded my expectations :) Thank you!

It was a genuinely enjoyable and productive training. I would highly recommend it to my colleagues. It was worth every minute of my time; it helped me think about how to improve my own MI practice and my MI training techniques. I am so excited to become a member of MINT and hope to start contributing to the MINT community!!!

I am very impressed by how seamless everything was. This was a tremendous undertaking and truly went off without a hitch! I thought the breakout rooms were genius and I really enjoyed them.

Community Reinforcement and Family Training with Robert J. Meyers (October 2020)

Bob was extremely practical and down to earth.

The shared experiences, and Bob's commitment to the issues discussed, were really interesting.

I really appreciated hearing his story and understanding why he is dedicated to this field. No doubt, he's made an
unbelievable contribution.

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